God Mode AI 

Automated Intelligent Security Solutions

Our Mission

God Mode AI is dedicated to keeping people and property safe. We promise to lead the field in the development of intelligent security solutions and to make them accessible to everyone. We design adaptable systems and tailored solutions that assist in the rapid detection of threats to safety and security. No matter the scenario God Mode AI's systems will have your back.

Integrated Inference

Building on knowledge generated in the behavioral sciences and technologies developed in the computer and engineering sciences God Mode AI's systems provide a holistic view of individuals and the environment allowing for unparalleled insight into their intent and behavior.

Emotion Detection

An individual’s feelings are broadcasted in their facial expressions, posture, tone, gait, and other physiological tells. God Mode AI's affective recognition systems provide unparalleled insight into individuals current affective states.

Weapon Detection

Weapons vary from firearms to knives  and other improvised armaments which can take a myriad of forms. God Mode AI's weapon detection systems provide accurate weapon detection - both traditional and improvised, visible and concealed.



God Mode AI's bio-metric systems provide insight into unique physical characteristics associated with personality and behavior while our database of predators and unbiased facial recognition systems detect those proven to be dangerous (e.g., sexual predators).

Speech Recognition

Word selection and speech patterns  reflect an individual’s cognition. God Mode AI's speech recognition systems provide insights into an individual's state of mind.

Bespoke Security Solutions

We strive to provide affordable and efficient automated intelligent security solutions. From the brave individuals fighting for democracy on the frontlines to private security tasked with securing goods and services, God Mode AI's systems are there to assist.



Developed with urban combat in mind our integrated threat detection systems predict threats in real time giving soldiers increased time to react.


Law Enforcement

Designed to assess threats to law and order our systems assist law enforcement officers by directing their attention without subjective bias.



Our systems objectively identify potential thieves and improves customer relations by removing subjective bias from surveillance.

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